Y Explorations, Inc.

About Y Explorations

Y Explorations (YXI) develops ESL software tools that enable Systems Designers to explore and optimize at the architectural and behavioral levels by synthesizing from ANSI/ISO C to RTL.


Founded in 1995, YXI's behavioral synthesis technology was created at UC Irvine by PhD students of Professor D. Gajski.

In 1998, YXI developed the first high-level synthesis tool to target automatic IP reuse. The eXplorations Tool Suite specifically targeted VHDL and Verilog input behavior, synthesizing RTL with automatic reuse of complex IPs. This product also featured one of the earliest verification platforms, allowing the same testbench to be used both for the behavior and for the RTL result.

In 2001, YXI released the first version of eXCite, introducing synthesis of a substantial subset of ANSI/ISO C to RTL VHDL.

More than twenty releases later, eXCite is still going strong. YXI continues to deliver innovation in ESL design through C Synthesis, IP reuse and design verification.


Tedd Hadley, Principal. Dr. Hadley is a founder of YXI and joined the company from UC Irvine in 1995 where he earned his Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science under Professor D. Gajski.